Trade Finance

13 Oct 11
The move will provide the lender widest geographic RMB trade coverage among all foreign banks in China.
12 Oct 11
The State Bank of Vietnam allowed 2 more commercial banks to sell gold deposits to intervene the local gold market.
12 Oct 11
Ms Dagdag will be responsible for senior leadership at the sales and solution delivery department.
8 Oct 11
BNP Paribas, Banco Santander Chile, Westpac, Svenska Handelsbanken, and Woori Bank can already sell a combined $1.1bn baht-denominated bonds....
6 Oct 11
The class action by retiree Elizabeth Saunders and 14 others settled on a confidential basis.
5 Oct 11
The programme is aimed to achieve greater flexibility and diversity in the lender’s asset and liability management.
5 Oct 11
Gold saving interest rates at many Vietnam banks have increased sharply from 0.1% – 0.5%/year to 1% -1.5%/year.
4 Oct 11
Foreign institutions constitute the majority of buyers of the rights whose proceeds are to be used for the lender’s expansion.
29 Sep 11
Public Bank's share price fell to almost a year low in late September, closing 16 sen lower at RM12.04, according to...
24 Sep 11
The lender doubled also extended 25 bps concessional home loans up to December.
22 Sep 11
The lender keen to woo American investors with Australian mortgages in the belief that foreigners are confident in the Australian housing market...
21 Sep 11
The proceeds of notes having 10 years and 3 months maturity will be used for lender’s expansion.
14 Sep 11
At the end of June, ICBC traded over 85,000 tons of precious metal, or 3.5 times as much for the whole of 2010, and recorded a turnover of over...
14 Sep 11
China’s bank regulator has urged banks to guard against risks in commercial real estate projects that have been targeted by speculative...
14 Sep 11
ICBC London opened the service of currency trading quotes and FX trading on behalf of the head office in Beijing.
13 Sep 11
HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) and Barclays Bank Plc will advise Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry & Trade on its planned $500...
12 Sep 11
Vietinbank has been assigned by the State Bank of Vietnam to service hospital waste treatment support project funded by the World Bank.
12 Sep 11
They are set to sign a cooperation agreement that will enable the industry-wide adoption of the Bank Payment Obligation, which offers an...
9 Sep 11
VietABank is issuing short-term certificate of deposits in gold with a total of 80,000 taels up to November 3, 2010.
7 Sep 11
Singapore alerted banks from the risk of receiving assets of tax evaders or the proceeds of criminal activities.
6 Sep 11
Mizuho has also arranged a number of other cross-border syndicated loans for its clients in the Americas last year.
31 Aug 11
India was not in favour of fund raising via rights issue since it would entail additional expenditure for the government.
26 Aug 11
Borrowing costs for CNY denominated debt were “substantially lower” in Hong Kong than in China.
26 Aug 11
The shares, considered tier 1 capital under Basel III reforms, are eyed to carry an annual margin of 3.1%-3.3%.
26 Aug 11
PBOC allowed foreign institutions to trade in its interbank bond market to widen the channels for offshore Renminbi to flow back into China....
24 Aug 11
Muthoot Group will open 50 branches in West Bengal by March 2012.
17 Aug 11
The notes were given a long term rating of AA1 by RAM Rating Services.
10 Aug 11
ICBC Macau drew the experience from domestic branches and launched the service of trading precious metal via accounts in order to meet the...
10 Aug 11
The company’s largest product in terms of valuation is mutual funds’ assets reached $1.08bn.
9 Aug 11
HSBC Amanah Malaysia Bhd tapped Islamic Development Bank's International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation's expertise to implement its...
8 Aug 11
Techcombank has beedn assigned by the State Bank of Vietnam to serve the urban transport development project in Hai Phong City funded by World...
24 Jul 11
International Finance Corporation has loaned a record US$505 million to Vietnamese banks for the fiscal year 2011.
24 Jul 11
Mizuho Financial Group Inc.
22 Jul 11
Korea Investment Corporation seeks to diversify investment options by tapping commodities and private equity markets.
20 Jul 11
After wrapping up the deal on selling 10 percent of stakes to the International Financial Corporation IFC, Vietinbank continues to issue more...
19 Jul 11
South Korea's Financial Supervisory Services put the brakes on local financial groups' moves to dole out substantial amounts of...
18 Jul 11
Taiwan’s regulator approved Ruenchen $2.16bn bid for AIG the unit after rejecting 11 months ago.
14 Jul 11
The South Korean of Deutsche Bank AG has appealed a Seoul court's decision to freeze its assets over allegations that the company pocketed...
13 Jul 11
Indonesian central bank will cut ownership of individual investors on commercial banks so as to make banking sector more financially prudent....
13 Jul 11
The Export-Import Bank of Korea signed an MOU with the Asian Development Bank on financing the Asian region's infrastructure development...