Telecom & Internet

15 Jun 21
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2 Jun 21
Former Minister of Manpower Lim Swee Say was given a non-executive role in the telco company.
17 May 21
The telco company is reviewing Amobee, Global Cyber Security Business, and Optus.
12 May 21
The company now has six data centers in its portfolio.
12 May 21
Singaporeans are some of Asia's most on guard when it comes to their data online.
6 May 21
The digital shift is expected to persist even as pandemic restrictions ease.
5 May 21
StarHub recorded a net profit of $30.5m for the first quarter of 2021.
28 Apr 21
The firm is investing $757.7m for the acquisition.
28 Apr 21
The company has upgraded its 5G radio access network with advanced radio technologies.
22 Apr 21
Converge will invest over $133m (US$100m) in the new project.
20 Apr 21
Thai energy giant Gulf Energy Development is controlled by billionaire Sarath Ratanavadi.
13 Apr 21
The device does not need any prior installation of equipment or infrastructure.
12 Apr 21
Customer support teams are barely keeping up with surging support enquiries.
31 Mar 21
Lower dividend payouts can support its free cash flow and liquidity, if sustained.
23 Mar 21
The expansion will help enterprises to leverage AWS Outposts.
17 Mar 21
The company plans to acquire a total of 11 data centres.
2 Mar 21
Company revenue projected to reach $396.7m next year.
26 Feb 21
This is amidst the rising challenges on 5G energy management.
15 Feb 21
But it increased by 9% QoQ.
11 Feb 21
Digital banking has been an innovation darling of 2020 as payments increasingly moved to digital channels and economies went cashless during COVID...
11 Feb 21
Its operating revenue was down 3.2% YoY to $4.24b.
21 Jan 21
Recovery was underpinned by associate companies.
13 Jan 21
Growing mobile app market demands more from companies.
13 Jan 21
She will oversee Telstra’s growth across the region.
6 Jan 21
Consumers with smartphones can connect to the WiFi for free.
3 Dec 20
The company was lauded at the recently concluded SBR Management Excellence Awards.
12 Nov 20
Its performance was affected by structural challenges, pandemic, and soft economic conditions.
9 Nov 20
Mobile service revenue fell due to lower postpaid contributions.
9 Oct 20
It provides enterprises with early access to develop and test 5G solutions.
9 Sep 20
It will help power the store’s self-serve kiosks for faster servicing.
7 Sep 20
Up to 250,000 Starhub subscribers and 18,000 M1 subscribers were affected.
1 Sep 20
The Spark accelerator programme is designed for deep tech startup companies in APAC.
1 Sep 20
The telecom company is offering a free trial to 20,000 select early adopters.
17 Aug 20
The group recorded lower equipment sales and roaming and prepaid mobile revenues.
7 Aug 20
Most of its business segments saw decline in revenue.
6 Aug 20
This is despite revenue declines partly driven by fewer installation orders.
6 Aug 20
Airtel Cloud will build an AWS Cloud Practice supported by AWS Professional Services.
5 Aug 20
The sale includes a triple-net lease-back arrangement.
28 Jul 20
The plan protects against fraudulent transactions and device theft.
28 Jul 20
The board is now searching for a new CEO.