15 Jun 21
Test Article
1 Jun 21
And pandemic-beaten India continues to have one of the top stock markets in Asia in May.
1 Jun 21
Which stocks led the Straits Times Index when it came to a total return basis last month?
5 May 21
Net proceeds will be used for the Group's general corporate purposes.
4 May 21
OCBC, ST Engineering and Global Investments were the top firms that bought back shares last month.
3 May 21
Raffles Education shares are at their highest since April 2018.
28 Apr 21
The demand for hardware drove a 6.4% price gain in Singapore's top ten most traded technology stocks.
27 Apr 21
Singapore firms with huge investments in China have remained resilient over the last year.
19 Apr 21
The beverage giant had planned to sell a 20% stake of its beer business on the Singapore Exchange.
14 Apr 21
Share prices will be set at 7.6 cents per unit.
14 Apr 21
The ride hailing firm maps out the largest Southeast Asian equity offering on NASDAQ.
13 Apr 21
The global statistics of confirmed COVID cases have returned to early January levels, dampening investor appetite.
13 Apr 21
Now with a tick of approval from shareholders, the transaction will become effective from 14 April.
8 Apr 21
The higher returns are reflecting the increased confidence of investors in the economy.
7 Apr 21
The agribusiness giant bought back more than 8 million shares on the Singapore Exchange.
5 Apr 21
The public consultations will remain open until April 28.
31 Mar 21
The Hong Kong-based firm will strengthen the link between Chinese investors and Singapore capital markets.
24 Mar 21
And Manpower Singapore, Nala Employment and Cornerstone Global Partners are the best Singapore job sites for employers.
23 Mar 21
The Straits Times Index fares better than its Asia Pacific counterparts.
19 Mar 21
Singapore's technology stocks keep pace with global gains.
17 Mar 21
The Straits Times Index continues to recover.
15 Mar 21
Wong Leon Keat was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment.
4 Mar 21
Its net profit for FY2020 declined 18.1% YoY to $297.3m whilst its revenue declined 17.1% YoY to $3b.
26 Feb 21
Wilmar was declared fifth most-traded stock overall on SGX.
26 Feb 21
OCBC Investment Research and RHB gave a 'buy' recommendation for CapitaLand.
25 Feb 21
The company’s Q4 2020 revenue fell 5% YoY to $579.5m.
25 Feb 21
The group recorded a net loss of $583m for FY2020.
23 Feb 21
It has entered into an agreement with Chinese-based Sincere Property Group and two entities of China Ping An.
23 Feb 21
The fintech company is the first digital payments services firm listed on the SGX.
22 Feb 21
The healthcare provider plans to continue supporting efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic.
19 Feb 21
Keppel REIT plans to raise $270m, and $262m of which will go to funding the property acquisition.
19 Feb 21
The Orchid bond structure will provide easier access to Singapore bonds for international investors.
19 Feb 21
The COVID-19 pandemic hits the company's aerospace business the hardest.
18 Feb 21
The pandemic has affected the ability of tenants to pay rent and other fees.
17 Feb 21
OCBC Investment Research gave the trust a 'buy' recommendation.
15 Feb 21
This is due to higher credit cost and decrease in net interest margins.
15 Feb 21
The company recorded a 54% YoY revenue fall to $251m.
4 Feb 21
The 30 most traded stocks have averaged a 29% YTD gain.
3 Feb 21
This comes amidst speculative activities in the US stock market.