Medix’ team of 300 in-house doctors and a global network of over 3,000 leading specialists enable customers to receive the best possible treatment and support throughout their medical journey.

When Mrs Emily New woke up with a severe back pain in April 2017, she immediately consulted a specialist. “It was a huge concern because I couldn’t even get out of bed,” she recalled. Having severe back pains for most of her life, a surgeon suggested that she undergoes surgery to correct the recurring problem. However, Emily was hesitant. “My husband decided to approach Medix and they did a review of my case.”

Medix, in partnership with AIA, provided a comprehensive re-assessment of the case. Armed with a network of healthcare professionals across different medical fields, they were able to provide a solution that entails less surgical intervention for Emily. “They decided to recommend me a doctor that suggested a non surgical approach which was to inject steroid on my spine, Its been 15 months since the injection and since then I had been pain free.” Emily noted.

Through its new partnership with Medix, AIA Singapore aims to eliminate patients’ wasted time looking up doctors, seeking second and third opinions, and even undergoing repetitive, unnecessary tests. Patients can rely on Medix’s team of 300 in-house doctors and its global network of over 3,000 leading independent specialists to give them the best care possible. Medix has changed the initial diagnosis in over 20% of the cases and improved treatment choices in over 43% of the cases.

Personalised options, continuing care
Medix will first summarise a customer’s medical history and current test results, collect multidisciplinary opinions from different specialists and hold multidisciplinary team discussions. Based on this, Medix will convey the most advanced, up to date, and appropriate tests to ensure that the right diagnosis has been made, and then recommend and coordinate the best possible treatment plan. This will include referral or recommendation of the most suitable doctor for the customer’s condition based on its own independent quality standards. Subsequently, Medix will continue to support customers, and work in collaboration with the customer’s treating doctor, to deal with on-going treatments, side-effects, complications if any to ensure best quality care is provided.

“This service is the first of its kind in Singapore,” said Mr Patrick Teow, chief executive officer of AIA Singapore. “This will help our customers facing serious medical conditions by making sure they reach the right diagnosis as fast as possible, have access to optimal treatment, and are supported throughout their treatment journey till recovery.”

Through this exclusive partnership, policyholders can avail of Personal Medical Case Management (PMCM) services along every step in the management of their serious medical conditions. These services include medical assessment, re-evaluation, referral for testing, ongoing multi-disciplinary consultations and long-term medical guidance. The service is provided for a period of at least 3 months and available upon need throughout the customer’s medical journey.

“Patients with serious medical conditions often have many questions about their care options and experience a great deal of stress and anxiety. They need ongoing support throughout their treatment journey to help them cope with complications. The case management service from Medix serves as a bridge between the patient and the complex world of medical care,” explained Ms Melita Teo, chief operations officer of AIA Singapore. “

AIA Singapore’s groundbreaking partnership with Medix complements its existing suite of comprehensive healthcare programs and services, such as AIA Quality Healthcare Partners (AQHP), AIA Medical Concierge Service, and AIA Vitality. Through AQHP, AIA Singapore has formed a direct partnership with over over 270 qualified medical specialists, providing customers with peace of mind and ensuring a comprehensive healthcare proposition for them. Policyholders can easily make an appointment through the AIA Healthcare mobile app, the AIA website, or the AIA Medical Concierge hotline. AIA Max Essential A and A Saver policyholders will then be able to avail of complimentary service from Medix to ensure the most accurate diagnosis and best possible treatment for serious medical conditions.

Through AIA Vitality, members can enjoy benefits when they take active steps to leading healthier lifestyles, such as exercising or eating healthily and even going for their AIA Vitality Health Checks.AIA Vitality is the first-in-market wellness programme backed by behavioral science. “Our customers are important to us and we want to be there for them, as their partner for life,” said Patrick.