Consumers to continue buying products using brand websites: study

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Around 55% have used a brand’s website in their path to purchase.

Consumers are set to continue using brand website ( in purchasing products as around 55% of shoppers having used already a brand’s website at some stage during their path to purchase, according to the latest report by Google, Ipsos, and Sixth Factor.

The study mentioned that as many people have not visited retail stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more consumers have turned to brand websites to explore products and services.

Around 41% of shoppers indicated that brand websites give them an immersive experience, and they are motivated to use these websites because they offer clear product specs, are easily viewable via photo or video assets, and are easy to navigate.

Meanwhile, 42% of shoppers said they felt the product being purchased was trustworthy or authentic when shopping on a brand website, whilst 41% said they were assured that product information on the websites was correct.

The study also found that consumers use brand websites to make more informed purchase decisions, with 69% of shoppers using to look for better pricing or promotions. Consumers are willing to spend 20% more on an average order when making purchases on mainly due to additional brand services and add-ons.

The study also mentioned that by engaging the right customers and finding ways to continually connect with them, brands are future-proofing and ensuring long-term value.

“Digital has been important for a while, but now companies don’t have an option. The world has changed and consumers are online – brands are now compelled to innovate and rethink their relationship with customers as they shift their attention online,” Google Singapore country director Ben King said.