2 Jun 21
Former Minister of Manpower Lim Swee Say was given a non-executive role in the telco company.
1 Jun 21
Ng will take over from outgoing chairman Anthony Peter Lombardo.
3 May 21
She brings with her 40 years of experience in the insurance industry.
27 Apr 21
Promotions and appointments were also made in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.
26 Apr 21
Roger Tay was re-elected as the treasurer by the council at the same time.
19 Apr 21
Taylor will join the team as a class underwriter, bringing nearly 20 years of experience to the position.
19 Apr 21
Ong has over 14 years of commercial real estate experience.
12 Apr 21
Singapore managing director Cheng Hsing Yao will replace Choong.
12 Apr 21
Gabbani will take over from Tony Lambardo who will be the group’s new global CEO.
9 Apr 21
UOB has named Eric Lim as its first chief sustainability officer, an announcement read.
30 Mar 21
Neil Brookes is the firm’s current Asia Pacific head of capital markets, but will take on the global leadership role from next month....
29 Mar 21
He will oversee the directorates and divisions of the AEC Department.
26 Mar 21
Lim Jit Poh has been the chairman of SBS Transit since 2003.
24 Mar 21
Dr. Luciano Lopez first joined EHL Group as a visiting lecturer in economics.
12 Mar 21
This is amidst a regionally focused leadership for Hong Kong and Singapore offices.
4 Mar 21
They are Shiladitya Choudhuri, Jensen Wee, and Harpreet Singh.
3 Mar 21
Amanda Lees has nearly 10 years of experience under her belt.
2 Mar 21
Yoon Young Kim will drive the manufacturing capabilities of the firm’s Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei cluster.
2 Mar 21
Cheng Siak Kian has been the acting CEO since March 2020.
1 Mar 21
Tan Cham Khain Orlando joined NeraTel in 2017.
19 Feb 21
Law Tat Win joined the energy giant in 2011.
16 Feb 21
This comes as current CEO SteveMcCann announces his planned retirement.
28 Jan 21
She will succeed Alan Turner effective 1 March.
26 Jan 21
Martin Chee has succeeded Patricia Yim, who will be IBM APAC’s new technology leader.
21 Jan 21
Lim will also be chairman of CapitaLand’s audit committee.
15 Jan 21
Leong Sing Chiong’s appointment would take effect on 1 February.
14 Jan 21
Nayan Patel has over 16 years of asset management experience.
13 Jan 21
West will be the new president, whilst Tan will take over as chairman in APAC.
13 Jan 21
She will oversee Telstra’s growth across the region.
13 Jan 21
 Pun Kok Lim’s leadership would help the firm thrive in the APAC-J market.
12 Jan 21
Ross Belhomme will be relocating from Switzerland.
11 Jan 21
Helen Wong’s appointment would take effect on 15 April 2021.
7 Jan 21
The two are chosen amongst 12 from California, Japan, Singapore and the UK.
6 Jan 21
Karan Bajwa succeeds former APAC vice president Rick Harshman.
4 Jan 21
The appointments were effective from January 1, 2021.
31 Dec 20
Mah will take over from the founding chairman, who retired in September, 2020.
8 Dec 20
Kee Nguan is the former CEO of Huttons Asia Pte Ltd.
8 Dec 20
Ng Shin Ein’s resignation will take effect on 31 December.
8 Dec 20
 Balasubramanian has 30 years of experience in the technology sector.
7 Dec 20
Several others will also take on new roles for the company.