StarHub takes Telecommunication Case Study of the Year at SBR's Asian Business Case Studies Awards

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The telco relied on its geomobility capabilities to provide insights for NHB’s future marketing endeavours.

For the 2019 edition of the Singapore Night Festival, the National Heritage Board decided that it was time to trial other sources of data so as to gather better insights for its signature arts and cultural festival in the vibrant Bras Basah.Bugis district.

For over a decade, the NHB has been using face-to-face surveys to obtain audience insights about the Night Festival. Through SmartHub, StarHub’s analytics division, NHB gained insights on visitor segment profiles and geomobility behaviours of SNF attendees.

“We provided NHB with a simple and accurate means to counting footfall across festival zones, to corroborate existing methods of visitorship counting. Due consideration was also given to differentiate between actual attendees with longer dwell times and passers-by transiting through the zones, without further investment in hardware for NHB,” said Kelly Yoong, Head of SmartHub at StarHub.

The core of SmartHub’s geomobility capabilities lies in its Grid360 data product, which analyses anonymised mobility metadata to infer islandwide footfall coverage. With this, SmartHub enabled NHB to draw richer insights about festival attendees, which include broad dwell trends of festival attendee segments, their visit patterns across our festival dates and mobility patterns across our physical grounds, modes of arrival and departure, as well as key demographics

“These data, especially when augmented with one another, provided NHB with a rich portrait of our current festival attendees and a more accurate profile of them,” noted David Chew, Deputy Director for Festivals and Precinct Development at NHB.

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The Asian Business Case Studies Awards was held in a webinar format on the 1st of July.

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