GeTS Asia secures ePayments Case Study of the Year with CALISTA

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The company facilitates instant access to aggregated data for in-depth business intelligence.

Payments startup Thunes tapped on Global eTrade Services or GeTS Asia Pte Ltd to develop a platform to ensure the seamless transfer of funds between different currencies.

As a subsidiary of CrimsonLogic, GeTS has deep domain knowledge in trade and has built a vibrant ecosystem comprising shippers, freight forwarders, as well as financial institutions through CALISTATM. CALISTATM Insights is a middleware solution created to harness the knowledge and data. This facilitates instant access to trade, logistics, and freight aggregated data for businesses to leverage on market insights in real time.

By using data modelling and analytics, GeTS Asia streamlined the datasets into real-time infographics which can be easily understood. Whilst there are similar product offerings in the market, only CALISTATM Insights provides transaction-level data, as well as the visibility of trade activity to track the start and end points of a trade order for which a payment is made. GeTS Asia is looking to further leverage upon Thunes’ cross-border capabilities to meet its ever evolving logistics use case.

Read the full case study here.

The Asian Business Case Studies Awards was held in a webinar format on the 1st of July.

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