15 Jun 21
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3 Jun 21
The Singapore Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) was at 50.7 points in May.
31 May 21
This marks a 4.6% increase from $30.48m last year.
28 May 21
Aztech Global said its production output will be reduced by 30% for two weeks.
25 May 21
And more companies to move supply chains to China as COVID cases spike in other Asian economies.
5 May 21
The Purchasing Managers' Index for April has continued its rally, and was at its highest since December 2018.last month.
3 May 21
Only 41% of manufacturing firms anticipate a favourable business situation for the coming six months.
29 Apr 21
This is much higher than the $587,563 (RMB2.87m) recorded in the same quarter last year.
28 Apr 21
Nanofilm expects manufacturers to continue stockpiling chips.
27 Apr 21
Six of the 11 indicators were resolved in March.
26 Apr 21
Singapore's manufacturing output has expanded for the fifth straight month.
25 Apr 21
This comes despite JTC’s projection on increased demand for ndustrial spaces in 2021.
22 Apr 21
This was due to higher production volume and shipment.
22 Apr 21
Once the offer is completed, UMS would own 53.7% of JEP's issued shares.
15 Apr 21
Factory space rents may increase by 1% to 3% in 2021 as renters anticipate higher demand.
7 Apr 21
The Singapore Purchasing Manager's Index (PMI) increased by 0.3 points in March 2021.
29 Mar 21
Singapore's manufacturing output grew by 16.4% in February.
23 Mar 21
They will combine their expertise to develop Industry 4.0 advanced digital solutions.
10 Mar 21
The rubber glove manufacturer reported a 24-fold increase in profits.
5 Mar 21
The company aims to raise $297m from the sale of the shares.
3 Mar 21
Its revenue declined 17.1% to $3b for the same period.
2 Mar 21
Yoon Young Kim will drive the manufacturing capabilities of the firm’s Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei cluster.
1 Mar 21
But HSBC Global Research has a different take on the drivers for growing industrial production.
26 Feb 21
Its holding company China Yuchai International drove up revenue.
2 Feb 21
The face mask is incorporated with Batik Tekap pattern.
2 Feb 21
CEO John Yuan said the industry is currently worth at least $357b.
27 Jan 21
This comes after the sector expanded by 14.3% YoY in December.
18 Jan 21
The outlook on all ratings remains negative.
18 Jan 21
Singapore’s Purchasing Managers’ Index remained positive for six consecutive months.
5 Jan 21
Factory activity continues to accelerate in December.
5 Jan 21
Discrete Manufacturing Industries director and Deloitte Consulting-Vietnam country leader discusses the importance of supply chain...
5 Jan 21
This is in addition to the 50% dividend payout ratio.
10 Dec 20
Winners of the Made in Singapore and Designed in Singapore Awards were lauded via virtual and studio presentations.
4 Dec 20
The electronics sector recorded a marginal 0.1 point rise.
3 Dec 20
The company’s industry business architect shares key benefits of adapting an Industry 4.0 model for manufacturers.
3 Dec 20
Rian discussed how Industry 4.0  can help assist businesses in transforming their processes.
3 Dec 20
The company has achieved high growth and consistent innovation due to strong employee engagement.
17 Nov 20
Both electronic and non-electronic NODX reported declines.
4 Nov 20
It edged up 0.2 point to record a 50.5 expansion, its highest since March 2019.
26 Oct 20
The pharmaceutical cluster’s output more than doubled during the month.