Investment Banking

13 Oct 11
Affin Investment Bank disbursed business zakat totalling RM2.58 million, reports Bernama...
13 Oct 11
In turn, Macquarie will refer its clients who need private banking services to Julius Baer.
12 Oct 11
Shares of China's banks rallied Central Huijin Investment Ltd started buying shares in the four major State-owned banks.
12 Oct 11
Bank Muamalat has launched the Islamic Dual Currency Investment, to be initially offered in the Malaysian Ringgit, Euro and US Dollars to...
8 Oct 11
Analysts believe Malaysia’s central bank’s approval will come if it will be supportive of consolidation of the banking sector.
5 Oct 11
Once completed, the merger will overtake CIMB Securities which is currently leading with a market share of 10.5%.
5 Oct 11
The new-generation asset and liability management system developed independently by Agricultural Bank of China Limited has been formally rolled...
4 Oct 11
The merger poised to become Asia's largest regional asset manager.
4 Oct 11
Union Bank KBC has also launched a series of investor awareness programmes for mutual fund investors.
4 Oct 11
Comparing Hong Kong with Singapore: Which one is larger?
28 Sep 11
A strategic alliance has been agreed that will see DBS and NDB collaborate in equity and fixed income issuances, syndications, project financing...
27 Sep 11
FMIC’s debut access to the general capital markets has planned tenor of 5 years.
24 Sep 11
The tie-up to cover securities activities such as equity and debt capital markets services, advisory services, private equity transactions, and...
22 Sep 11
Their alliance will cover fixed income issuances, syndications, project financing and mergers and acquisitions.
21 Sep 11
Oswald Greubel may be forced to shrink the investment bank after the $2.3b loss from fraudulent trading last week, according to Bloomberg’...
20 Sep 11
UBS Chief Executive Oswald Gruebel will pursue an overhaul of investment banking at a meeting with the board in Singapore, after unauthorized...
19 Sep 11
The ratings agency revised the bank’s outlook to stable from negative, noting that some of the bank's financial metrics have improved...
15 Sep 11
As external debt declined to 59% in March of this year, the lowest level in a decade.
14 Sep 11
This should keep the government bond yields low in Q4 2011.
13 Sep 11
M&A deals in Thailand involving medium-sized corporations are seen as growth opportunities waiting to be seized.
9 Sep 11
Mandiri Manajemen Investasi’s ties up with AFM Investment Partners to open Indonesia's stock market and bond market to Australians....
8 Sep 11
The bank did not further expand the the asset purchase program or lending program at the latest monetary policy meeting.
8 Sep 11
DBS expects this given that the central bank has initiated its interest rate normalisation process earlier than many central banks in the region...
7 Sep 11
Full implementation of the new Basel III minimum capital requirements is scheduled for 1 January 2013.
6 Sep 11
Temasek bought 4.4 billion shares of the Chinese lender, increasing its stake to 8.1%.
1 Sep 11
He will be reporting to Farhan Faruqui, regional Head of Global Banking.
29 Aug 11
Money Expo 2011 will be held in Kathmandu from Sept.
26 Aug 11
The top 5 Chinese banks knocked out their 14 largest US and European rivals.
24 Aug 11
Hong Leong Investment Bank cut its forecasts for CIMB Group's financial years 2011-2013 by 5.2-5.6 per cent due to lower-than-expected loan...
22 Aug 11
Group loans grew at its fastest pace in the last decade, touching 21.7%.
19 Aug 11
The new members will be responsible for expanding Bank of Singapore’s business in South East Asia, with a focus on the Indonesian market...
18 Aug 11
The sale of Woori Finance Holdings Co.
17 Aug 11
The Swiss bank used the US$100 million quota granted under its QFII licence by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in China.
11 Aug 11
Agricultural Bank of China Limited successfully led the 1-billion-yuan RMB bond underwriting for CITIC Pacific Limited's 5-year maturity...
11 Aug 11
Tam was previously the Senior Vice President of DBS’ GTS Regional Cash Sales team.
2 Aug 11
Hong Kong delivered the highest profit of US$3.1b.
2 Aug 11
Global regulators have proposed new liquidity and capital rules, known as Basel III, with the goal of reducing the likelihood of another...
2 Aug 11
While the fund industry witnessed a sharp fall following the financial tsunami in 2008, the impact of the global financial crisis (GFC) seems to...
26 Jul 11
Kim Eng says DBS may profit the most with $719m in 2Q11.
20 Jul 11
Darcy will head Origination and Client Coverage and was most recently with Barclays Capital as Head of Investment Banking and Debt Capital...