Information Technology

15 Jun 21
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31 May 21
And Vietnam plans to test 9 million people for COVID-19.
30 May 21
Singtel reported a net profit of $554m for 2021.
24 May 21
And US President Joe Biden’s solar power plans hit a snag with labor complaints against China.
20 May 21
The financial sector-focused tech company had an EBITDA of MYR59.6m for the third quarter.
12 May 21
This is in response to the growing demand in Southeast Asia.
11 May 21
Around 50 companies were awarded via studio and virtual awards presentation for this annual event.
7 May 21
The two cities have called for solutions on advancing the agenda of smart cities, to be tested in Abu Dhabi.
7 May 21
The technology will be used to compute indicators of financial risk based on SGX RegCo's observations.
5 May 21
Going against convention, Singapore and the wider APAC region proved in three ways they were ready to survive and thrive.
30 Apr 21
Trade finance is generally seen as sound finance, underwritten by long-standing practices and procedures.
30 Apr 21
An additional $30m is set aside for the Digital Acceleration Grant scheme, also targeting financial institutions.
29 Apr 21
The special purpose vehicle will own and operate M1's current mobile, fixed and fibre assets.
26 Apr 21
The 10-year blueprint aims to strengthen Singapore's position as a global intellectual property hub.
26 Apr 21
This free, two-day digital summit is happening on 18 &19 May 2021.
22 Apr 21
The ASEAN member states have signed an agreement to strengthen blockchain cooperation.
21 Apr 21
This exclusive webinar will discuss how your cybersecurity team can shrink the time between detecting and handling cyber threats.
21 Apr 21
The AI protects the data it stores from both software and physical tamperings.
19 Apr 21
There are three important areas that should be fixed to achieve this goal.
15 Apr 21
This is part of the data company’s Asia Pacific expansion.
15 Apr 21
Its e-trade platform’s cumulative gross merchandise volume also reached $17.6b.
15 Apr 21
Singtel owns more than 30% of the Indian telco giant.
8 Apr 21
There is a lot of hype and conjecture around the impact of emerging technology, but one thing is certain: data is – and will continue to be...
6 Apr 21
Real-time payment transactions rose by 48% last year, according to ACI Worldwide Research.
29 Mar 21
The new solution brings easy and automated management of ESET’s wide portfolio of security solutions.
23 Mar 21
The electronics giant did well financially in 2020.
22 Mar 21
The push to digitalisation will help SMEs in the long run.
22 Mar 21
Singaporean organisations have a gap between how fast they can recover data versus how fast they need that process done.
19 Mar 21
ZILHive will offer support to promising talents and projects across the tech ecosystem.
18 Mar 21
The studio will test the business applications of AI and 5G technology.
17 Mar 21
The company’s founders have bridged the market gap in big data.
17 Mar 21
This exclusive Singapore Business Review event is happening on 15 April.
17 Mar 21
It plans to use the funds to advance its innovation intelligence platform.
17 Mar 21
They will offer cloud solutions which enable customers to run sensitive workloads.
12 Mar 21
Over three in 10 Singaporean firms agree.
11 Mar 21
CMI will also assist with the onboarding and migration to the cloud platform.
11 Mar 21
The cloud native application security company has raised a total US$470m.
10 Mar 21
Only 24% were reprimanded for their use of these tools.
9 Mar 21
The blank check company will target the technology sector.