15 Jun 21
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2 Jun 21
The companies are expected to collaborate in medical services and healthcare management.
1 Jun 21
Singapore is scaling up its mass testing efforts to curb the spread of the pandemic.
31 May 21
And Vietnam plans to test 9 million people for COVID-19.
27 May 21
Trade envoys from the US and China talk on the phone for the first time since US President Joe Biden took office.
27 May 21
The Ministry of Health extends the pre-departure testing requirement to all Singapore citizens and permanent residents.
27 May 21
It is the largest ever for a biotech company in Singapore.
26 May 21
And a quick rundown on which countries are eager to reopen borders to tourism as summer approaches.
18 May 21
The new nursing home has a 44-bed capacity.
11 May 21
Singapore was the German biotech company's clear choice for its Asia Pacific regional headquarters.
30 Apr 21
The unique startup aims to connect to 250 million individuals across the globe by 2030.
29 Apr 21
Deutsche Bank has estimated Singapore is 132 days away from population immunity from COVID-19.
21 Apr 21
The acquisition has a total consideration of $585,000.
20 Apr 21
Shares of the Catalist-listed private nursing operator had an intra-day high of $0.30 per unit, 7.1% higher than the IPO price.
19 Apr 21
The group cites soaring demand for specialty care as the reason for its expansion.
19 Apr 21
The private nursing home operator received more than 150m applications, for their 1.8m offering shares.
15 Apr 21
It will be the main platform through which the Government will address health insurance issues.
13 Apr 21
Construction is expected to begin in Q3 of 2021.
12 Apr 21
The private nursing home operator has launched a new, relisting IPO.
6 Apr 21
It will be used to provide unique healthcare solutions across the joint venture's active markets.
26 Mar 21
It has lodged its preliminary prospectus for a listing.
25 Mar 21
Business-to-business events are among the acitivities that can allow more attendees by 24 April.
25 Mar 21
Up to 75% of employees can be at their workplace by 5 April.
24 Mar 21
OUE will support the long-term prospects of OUELH.
23 Mar 21
Weixin Hospital Investment Management has withdrawn its land litigation appeal.
23 Mar 21
The amount of the investment was undisclosed.
22 Mar 21
Change in lifestyle since the pandemic blamed for worsening oral hygiene.
18 Mar 21
Over half of those surveyed said the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their ability to sleep.
17 Mar 21
The partnership will establish a research and development project on retinal diseases.
17 Mar 21
This initiative will be backed by funding support from IMDA’s ADS grant.
16 Mar 21
And how Dash Living built a co-living community of 13k+ members across Singapore, HK.
5 Mar 21
This is despite the expected drop in demand for PPEs.
1 Mar 21
Global surge in demand for PPEs attributed to the increase in revenue.
1 Mar 21
But shows recovery QoQ across all markets.
26 Feb 21
The financing closed on 25 February.
25 Feb 21
Part of the plan is converting existing shareholder loans and accrued interests.
23 Feb 21
Its revenue for the year dropped 54.5% YoY to $111m.