Financial Services

16 Apr 21
DBS will cease onboarding new clients who derive more than 25% of their revenue from thermal coal.
15 Apr 21
Bank J. Safra Sarasin is at high risk of being used as a conduit for illegal activities, MAS has warned.
15 Apr 21
It will be the main platform through which the Government will address health insurance issues.
13 Apr 21
It has also seen steady pick-up in transaction volumes recently.
13 Apr 21
Customers will receive the card through the Citi Mobile app.
12 Apr 21
Gabbani will take over from Tony Lambardo who will be the group’s new global CEO.
9 Apr 21
UOB has named Eric Lim as its first chief sustainability officer, an announcement read.
8 Apr 21
UOB raised $2b with a final order book of $3.7b.
7 Apr 21
The initiatives are part of its rebranding to “move beyond” digital remittances.
7 Apr 21
83% needed to do financial planning and budgeting at least twice a year, according to a new survey.
7 Apr 21
However, 70% are still familiarising themselves with SORA-pegged products.
7 Apr 21
64% of those aged 31-40 willing to forego capital for higher returns.
6 Apr 21
Fiscal sustainability remains high on the agenda of global economies.
5 Apr 21
The smelter will manufacture key components for the ongoing production of electric vehicles.
31 Mar 21
Bluecell will connect its loans-matching engine with GreenSTACS.
30 Mar 21
This will allow the Group to expand further its service scope in the Greater China region.
29 Mar 21
More than a quarter of finance executives are looking into automating a bulk of their tasks in the next three years.
26 Mar 21
More than 45% of bank executives are unsure how to embrace new-age banking.
26 Mar 21
The agenda is a refresh of the first report published 10 years ago.
26 Mar 21
The round was led by Regis and Savoy Capital, Vittal, and Walden International.
25 Mar 21
The supply of Bitcoin has already reached 88.7% of its minable capacity.
24 Mar 21
It will help migrant and foreign domestic workers remit money safely amidst COVID-19.
23 Mar 21
iSTOX has reduced the minimum investment size by 10 times.
18 Mar 21
The bank will extend the technology to all of its ATMs in Singapore progressively.
18 Mar 21
Underwriting profit reached $237.3m.
17 Mar 21
Moonstake will support the staking of Orb’s official token on Moonstake Wallet.
12 Mar 21
The service streamlines how SMBs use their earnings.
11 Mar 21
The firm will be led by Ether Capital's co-founder and former CEO Michael H.
10 Mar 21
His cash bonus dropped 27% amidst cutbacks in the bank.
9 Mar 21
Review of compensation packages for senior management will be considered later.
8 Mar 21
Ho Hern Shin will take over the position of deputy managing director.
8 Mar 21
Part of the tech hiring will support the bank’s cash management operations.
4 Mar 21
They are Shiladitya Choudhuri, Jensen Wee, and Harpreet Singh.
3 Mar 21
Financial institutions are called to benchmark their practices against examples in the study.
3 Mar 21
They have also been convicted.
2 Mar 21
Furukawa Electric was recognised for its environmental initiatives.
2 Mar 21
Minister Desmond Tan lays out plans to prevent scams.
25 Feb 21
The platform handles both the lending process for borrowers and lenders.
24 Feb 21
Users can compare different online brokerage platforms.
23 Feb 21
The Monetary Authority of Singapore is set to extend the tenor of daily SORA derivatives to 20 years.