SOCASH partners up with Singtel Dash to improve payments, remittance services

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Financial Services

It will help migrant and foreign domestic workers remit money safely amidst COVID-19.

Fintech startup SOCASH has teamed up with Singtel’s mobile wallet Dash to expand payments and remittance services, allowing Dash users to top up at select SOCASH retail touchpoints in Singapore.

The partnership also aims to help the migrant workers to remit money back home in a safer and more convenient way amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, tapping into SOCASH’s large partner network of retail stores.

“The pandemic shows that it is crucial that we bring financial services closer to where customers are. Many of them are paid in cash and they constantly struggle to find convenient, safe ways to fund their remittances back home,” SOCASH CEO Hari Sivan said.

The partnership also seeks to support Singapore’s neighbourhood retail community that are part of SOCASH’s network to provide additional financial services to the communities they serve.

“Whilst we have seen an uptick in digital remittance transfers during the pandemic, we also want to provide the option to those who still rely on cash for their top-ups and are looking for a safe and seamless way to do so,” Singtel international group head of mobile financial services Gilbert Chuah said.