OCBC to roll out face verification in eight Singapore ATMs

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The bank will extend the technology to all of its ATMs in Singapore progressively.

OCBC will be introducing facial recognition technology on eight of its ATMs in Singapore starting 19 March, an announcement read.

The bank will extend face verification for cash withdrawals to all OCBC ATMs in Singapore progressively. This comes after the rollout of QR code cash withdrawals in July 2019.

OCBC is the first to tap Singapore’s National Digital Identity infrastructure, SingPass Face Verification, to securely verify customers for banking transactions at ATMs. The face verification process is embedded with security features to prevent fraud, including liveness-detection technology that detects and blocks the use of photographs, videos, or masks during the verification process.

To use face verification at an OCBC ATM, customers must select the ATM service they want before entering their NRIC number on the screen. They will then be prompted to position their face within a frame on the screen, whilst a web-enabled camera takes a scan of their face and verifies in real time the scanned image against the national biometric database.

Once the facial scan is verified, the customer can proceed with their transaction.

Face verification will be extended to other ATM transactions such as cash deposits, funds transfers to other banks, cashcard top-ups and credit card bill payments from next year.