Moonstake launches partnership with blockchain Orb

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Financial Services

Moonstake will support the staking of Orb’s official token on Moonstake Wallet.

Moonstake has signed a memorandum of understanding with Orbs, a hybrid blockchain infrastructure with enterprise-grade scale, security, and support.

Through this collaboration, Moonstake will soon support the staking of ORBS, Orbs' official token, on Moonstake Wallet, as well as participate further in the Orbs blockchain ecosystem.

The parties will also host community building programs, research, training, events, and conferences with the goal to increase awareness and adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technology in the banking and finance industry.

Moonstake started in the staking business last year with the aim to create the largest staking network in Asia. Since then, Moonstake has developed the most user-friendly wallets for both web wallet and mobile wallet (iOS/Android) that are compatible with over 2000 cryptocurrencies. After a full-scale operation launched in August 2020, Moonstake's total staking assets have grown rapidly to reach around $1.076b (US$800m) in staked assets in six months.

Meanwhile, Orbs is a prominent hybrid network with a focus on converting businesses to blockchain. The company has partnered with industry leaders from both traditional and decentralised technology sectors, such as IBM and Consensys respectively, to bring blockchain to the field of telecommunications.

"We are very pleased to be a partner with Orbs, the biggest blockchain company in Israel. Moonstake provides easy access for staking globally. Together, we can accelerate global awareness and adoption of blockchain technology for both users and businesses," said Mitsuru Tezuka, founder of Moonstake.