MOH forms 12-member health insurance committee

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It will be the main platform through which the Government will address health insurance issues.

The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) has formed a 12-member multilateral healthcare Insurance committee (MHIC) to address issues related to health insurance, an announcement read.

The MHIC comprises representatives from the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (AMS), Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), Fee Benchmarks Advisory Committee (FBAC), Life Insurance Association (LIA), Singapore Medical Association (SMA) and private hospitals.

The appointment will be effective on 27 April.

The body will be the primary platform through which MOH, doctors, insurers and hospitals work together to enhance Singapore’s healthcare insurance system. It will recommend improvements to manage rising healthcare costs and will guide the establishment of platforms to address complaints and arising from claims.

The MHIC stems from an earlier pro-tem committee established in October 2020 between AMS, LIA and SMA to facilitate discussions related to Integrated Shield Plans (IPs).