Mizuho concludes deal with Furukawa Electric

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Financial Services

Furukawa Electric was recognised for its environmental initiatives.

Mizuho Bank has concluded its Mizuho Eco Finance services deal with Furukawa Electric Co., the former announced in a press release.

Mizuho has recognised Furukawa Electric for its environmental initiatives, which include obtaining approval for its Science Based Target (SBT) initiatives in August 2019.

SBT is an initiative which encourages companies to engage in science-based target setting for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet the goals established in the Paris Agreement.

“We will draw on our expertise as a financial services group to proactively provide financing support, including sustainable finance and environment finance, as well as advice and solutions for strengthening and shifting businesses towards decarbonisation,” Mizuho said.

The deal with Furukawa Electric is the 13th Mizuho Eco Finance deal, bringing Mizuho’s total financing in this initiative to $6.8b (JPY548.3b).

Mizuho Eco Finance is an environmental evaluation and financing product design to allow organisations to work together towards a low-carbon society.