Fintech startup #dltledgers lands $9.44m in a Series A Funding Round

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Financial Services

The round was led by Regis and Savoy Capital, Vittal, and Walden International.

Singapore-based fintech firm #dltledgers has completed a Series A funding round raising $9.44m (US$7m), led by Regis and Savoy Capital, Vittal, and Walden International.

The funding round comes at the back of 200% YoY growth and #dltledgers' expansion of its 70-strong team by 120% across Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, and Middle East.

The startup will also migrate its blockchain-based solutions from Hyperledger Fabric to Corda, R3’s flagship enterprise blockchain platform, to enable businesses in trade finance to streamline business operations whilst reducing transaction and record-keeping costs.

According to Samir Neji, the founder of #dltledgers, the fund will help them to amplify their work on partnership, standards, ntegration, as well as accelerating product development in several areas.

“We are delighted that our investors see the value of #dltledgers and the transformative solutions we have developed. By migrating our blockchain platform to Corda, the first purpose-built blockchain for enterprise, our current and future clients will benefit from unparalleled security, transparency and performance that comes with Corda,” Neji added.

#dltledgers is an independent blockchain platform for trade and supply chain finance digitisation, headquartered in Singapore. The platform helps corporates and banks to authenticate their commercial documents, contracts, and bank interactions, enabling them to automate multi-party transactions, streamline processes, and reduce cost.