SingSaver floats investments category

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Users can compare different online brokerage platforms.

Personal finance platform SingSaver has launched its investments category which allows users to compare online brokerage and robo-advisory platforms and gain access to educational content and tools.

Users will need a brokerage account to buy and sell investment products, be it on the Singapore Exchange or in overseas markets. It allows users to compare commission fees, trading fees and minimum deposits across individual online brokerage platforms, including Singapore and US stocks-related investment accounts, forex and robo-advisers, amongst others.

“SingSaver saw a 49x increase in traffic for investment-related content from January to December last year. As more savvy consumers continue to explore different financial options, SingSaver’s new investment category aims to make financial platforms more accessible, whilst giving people who are keen to begin or continue investing the right resources to make informed financial decisions,” said country manager Henry Sewell.