Instarem launches Singapore mobile app, new brand image

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The initiatives are part of its rebranding to “move beyond” digital remittances.

Digital cross border payments platform Instarem has unveiled a mobile application for its Singapore users, as part of its rebranding to “move beyond” digital remittances.

“Our new mobile app provides increased usability for Singapore users that makes it easier for them to navigate and manage their transfers from anywhere in the world. Singapore customers can also expect a new and improved Instarem experience through the launch of a consumer debit card, which allows them to consolidate all their spendings in one,” Instarem global head Yogesh Sangle said.

The platform currently operates in six continents and over 100 markets, and serves more than 130 million end customers.

Instarem’s rebranding, which includes the mobile app, will also see a new logo and a redesigned website.

“We see the future of Instarem as becoming an essential part of our customers’ everyday lives, offering them the most convenient option for money transfers. Our new identity reflects our belief that money should not be disconnected—it should be simple—and our enhanced offerings bring this belief to life,” Sangle said.