Citi rolls out digital credit cards in Singapore

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Customers will receive the card through the Citi Mobile app.

New credit card customers in Singapore will have access to digital versions of their cards for immediate use before receiving their physical credit cards, an announcement read.

The digital credit card allows cardholders to make online payments, enroll their cards into Apple, Google and Samsung Pay, and set up recurring payments.

Customers will receive the card through the Citi Mobile app. Upon approval of a credit card application, a cardholder receives a notification through e-mail or SMS to create an online banking account. Once the account is created, the digital credit card is immediately provisioned on the app, giving the cardholder a credit card number, expiry date as well as a temporary CVV number.

Once the physical card is received and activated, the temporary CVV on the app is automatically replaced with the one stated on the physical credit card.

This feature has been launched for Citi Mobile app users on Android and will be made available to iOS users later this month.