Amundi, HSBC launch Singapore's first AI-managed investment fund

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With historical data and continuous training, the SMART Portfolio 2025 will manage investments with little human intervention.

HSBC Singapore, European asset manager Amundi, and EquBot launched a fund that will be managed by artificial intelligence.

The Amundi SMART Portfolio 2025 will use big data and investment insights to manage the fund, priced at $1.00 per unit.

With an initial offer period of April 26 to June 10, the minimum initial investment is $1,000 and is available at any HSBC bank branch.

"At a time where customers are seeking other sources of returns in this low yield environment, we are pleased to expand our product shelve with this innovative AI-powered investment solution in the systematic strategy space. The Amundi SMART Portfolio 2025 fund which incorporates the AiMAX5 index represents a new approach to multi-asset investing which combines cutting edge AI techniques and time-tested diversification strategies to balance risk and return. This is another testament of HSBC’s commitment to work with like-minded partners to offer our customers market-first investment solutions that can respond efficiently to market volatilities and uncertainties," said Deepak Khanna, Head, Wealth Products & Journeys, HSBC Bank (Singapore).

The SMART Portfolio 2025 sources its returns from global bonds and debt securities, return of capital at maturity, and up to 15 exchange traded funds.