Financial Services

15 Jun 21
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2 Jun 21
And the IMF and World Bank are set to prioritize vaccinations.
2 Jun 21
Interest rates for the loan were reduced based on Keppel Land’s ongoing environmental, social and governance targets.
2 Jun 21
It enables UOB to improve price discovery and enhance pricing capability.
2 Jun 21
The loan will fund expansion of environment-friendly infrastructure.
1 Jun 21
This maiden listing of a security token offer could pave the way for a safer way to trade digital bonds in the future.
31 May 21
The $15m digital bond has a coupon rate of 0.6% per annum.
27 May 21
Trade envoys from the US and China talk on the phone for the first time since US President Joe Biden took office.
24 May 21
And US President Joe Biden’s solar power plans hit a snag with labor complaints against China.
21 May 21
The new joint venture will create a global exchange and marketplace for high-quality carbon credits.
19 May 21
More than S$90b of trade flows meet green and sustainable requirements in Singapore.
11 May 21
Single-premium products grew 85% QoQ in weighted premiums.
10 May 21
The DBS Foundation has increased its funding pool to support social enterprises.
7 May 21
The growth was driven by lower impariment charges in 2021.
6 May 21
Why this young ESG-focused fintech startup is determined to reshape the finance industry.
6 May 21
The group reported $1b net profit for the first quarter of 2021.
5 May 21
Venture firm M Venture Partners and Hustle Fund participated in the funding round.
5 May 21
Approximately 6,000 of these new jobs will be permanent positions.
4 May 21
Jefferies Equity research says the bank will continue to grow past its $2b net income from the first quarter.
4 May 21
The J Safra Sarasin Group completed the acquisition of the Bank of Montreal’s Private Banking Business.
4 May 21
Revolut Singapore customers can enjoy a competitive rate in cross-border transactions.
4 May 21
The card has a flat cashback earn rate of 1.7%.
3 May 21
Its profit rose from $33.9m from the same quarter last year.
3 May 21
She brings with her 40 years of experience in the insurance industry.
2 May 21
DBS' net profit doubled in the first quarter of 2021.
2 May 21
The 0.2% drop in March was the smallest decline recorded since the indicator turned negative in June last year.
30 Apr 21
Trade finance is generally seen as sound finance, underwritten by long-standing practices and procedures.
30 Apr 21
The morgage brokering platform also plans to help Singapore save more than $100m in home loan repayments.
30 Apr 21
An additional $30m is set aside for the Digital Acceleration Grant scheme, also targeting financial institutions.
30 Apr 21
The company says it is trying to ‘revitalise’ its legacy in the mining business.
29 Apr 21
Participating banks’ clients will be able to transfer up to S$1,000 or THB25,000 daily.
28 Apr 21
Clients can transfer funds and manage spending on the card via their phones.
28 Apr 21
With historical data and continuous training, the SMART Portfolio 2025 will manage investments with little human intervention.
27 Apr 21
It will boost Singapore's value proposition as a fund domiciliation hub.
26 Apr 21
Roger Tay was re-elected as the treasurer by the council at the same time.
22 Apr 21
DBS was the first Singaporean bank to join Contour's network.
21 Apr 21
UOB "may surprise" with better net interest margins and lower credit costs, one analyst has said.
21 Apr 21
DBS Bank is set to acquire a 13% stake in Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank and a seat on its board of directors.
20 Apr 21
The investment round has been led by Wavemaker Partners, Tribe Accelerator, and Stellar Partners.
19 Apr 21
Taylor will join the team as a class underwriter, bringing nearly 20 years of experience to the position.