Singapore Business Review Custom Events


Plan your next conference, seminar, or event with the help of Singapore Business Review magazine.

Organising an event, finding delegates, finding speakers, and getting media coverage can be big tasks, and that’s where Singapore Business Review magazine can help.

With our editorial and events team, we can help you construct an event, be it a roundtable with 10 - 15 guests or a seminar with a range of speakers including you to talk to your target audience.

Our journalists and editors can work to find content experts who can bring extra interest to your event and attract extra delegates. Our delegate marketing team using our database at Singapore Business Review can market and invite the right people to come and attend your event and seminar.

Finally, our editorial team will cover your event in Singapore Business Review magazine and website, giving post event exposure to upwards of 2.5 million viewers.

For more details, contact:
Custom Events Inquiries
+65 3158 1386