Investment Banking Commentaries

3 Nov 2011
BY Paul Aldrich
Despite a lack of confidence in US and European markets and economic activity, Asia remains a relatively positive environment for investment banks and the talent pool continues to remain tight.
4 Oct 2011
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
Comparing Hong Kong with Singapore: Which one is larger?
2 Aug 2011
BY Christian Edelmann
Global regulators have proposed new liquidity and capital rules, known as Basel III, with the goal of reducing the likelihood of another financial crisis.
2 Aug 2011
BY Ka Shi Lau
While the fund industry witnessed a sharp fall following the financial tsunami in 2008, the impact of the global financial crisis (GFC) seems to have abated.
1 Jul 2011
BY Benoit Gabelle, Kari Pahlman, Kimberley Webb
The economic landscape is not looking very promising and transfer pricing audits are escalating in both intensity and frequency.
3 May 2011
BY Lisa O'Connor
A new wave of fitness training for investment operations is getting underway.
3 Feb 2011
BY Gary Lai
The Chinese banking sector continues to flourish and the number of hedge fund investors is increasing rapidly in the country on the back of its strong economic growth.
3 Feb 2011
BY Sim Wee Yang & Alan Lau
Back in the 2005, the Singapore Companies Act was amended to allow companies to hold its own shares in treasury.
3 Feb 2011
BY Jeffrey Chen and Laetitia Mergui
Several foreign private equity investors set up their investment vehicles in China in the form of "foreign-invested partnerships".
3 Jan 2011
BY Daniel Ginting, Nathaniel Mangunsong and Harun Reksodiputro
The recently issued "Merger Control Regulation" introduces new notification requirements for mergers, consolidations or acquisitions in Indonesia.