6 May 21
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CEO John Yuan said the industry is currently worth at least $357b.
22 Jan 21
And makes renting as easy as booking a ride.
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1 Jul 20
The startup creates algorithms, software tools, methods and models for quantum computers.
24 Jun 20
The mapping tech startup gives places a unique universal address to make them digitally fit.
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It built a communication platform made solely for streamlining the merchant-supplier process.
20 May 20
The omnichannel retailer displays real pricing of a product, taking away other costs.
29 Apr 20
Right-Hand Cybersecurity does not only monitor cyber risks, but also educates the users.
29 Apr 20
Bunker operators are often burdened with changes in the ships’ fuel needs.
15 Apr 20
The platform reduces the costs of investing by up to 20 times.
12 May 17 has sold more than $55m worth of cars in almost two years.
14 Jan 15
No more patients accidentally falling off hospital beds.