Cards & Payments

8 Oct 11
Citibank Bhd expects to attract 100,000 new cardholders over the next three years with its newly-enhanced Giant-Citibank Credit Card....
5 Oct 11
ICBC electronic banking posted a turnover of over RMB 100 trillion during the first six months of this year, up 21.8% year-on-year.
4 Oct 11
ATM cards, especially those using magnetic stripes, are increasingly being exposed to sophisticated fraud attempts during transactions....
22 Sep 11
Bank Rakyat launched a credit card balance transfer campaign which allows over 200,000 holders of its credit cards to enjoy an annual profit...
19 Sep 11
The creation of Woori Card follows similar moves by the lender’s rivals.
14 Sep 11
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and American Express are offering the CBC AE Platinum Credit Card, the first prestigious AE credit card...
10 Sep 11
Bankcard transactions in China during the first half of 2011 reached 178.6 trillion yuan or US$27.9 trillion U.S.
8 Sep 11
Vietcombank will cooperate with VNDirect Securities Joint Stock Co for expanding the payment services via VCB-iB@nking channel.
6 Sep 11
Dormant credit cards, now about one fourth of the total issued, is on the rise in South Korea due to excessive issuances.
4 Sep 11
Direct wage payments to employee bank accounts linked to automatic teller machine cards may be written into law, indicated the Department of...
26 Aug 11
'Verified by Visa' feature combines e-commerce platform and security.
22 Aug 11
Vietinbank is demanding debt payment via SMS messages to help reduce its bad and late-paying debts as well as building the good habit of...
14 Aug 11
Maybank is confident of increasing its market share in the electronic dividend payment from 30% to 70% by 2013, with an expected transaction...
11 Aug 11
Bank of China Bangkok became the first Chinese bank issuing the UnionPay dual-currency debit card in Thailand.
10 Aug 11
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia is now offering a business debit card for SMEs in Malaysia.
8 Aug 11
Liberty Insurance's customers can now pay their insurance premium online by registering for Vietcombank's internet banking service....
7 Aug 11
Citi will add JCB credit card merchants in nine countries and territories throughout Asia.
7 Aug 11
Dubai-based Etisalat's Sri Lanka unit said it had inked a deal with with OpenArc, a Colombo-based information technology company to provide...
7 Aug 11
Japan Money Express has formally started its operation to provide reliable service to the Nepalese people working in Japan through its 400...
3 Aug 11
Rising demand for recently released Infinia card prompted the lender to come out with variants.
2 Aug 11
Nine commercial joint stock banks have joined the Smarlink connection in July.
24 Jul 11
Asia Commercial Bank has launched a new service that allows its cardholders to transfer money to other banks through automatic teller machines...
20 Jul 11
Malaysian MasterCard holders spent US$76.5 million in 909,518 transactions during the first weekend of the 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2011...
18 Jul 11
Infinia aimed to be issued to the by-invitation only to 5000 individuals that comes without spending limits.
14 Jul 11
The card’s debit purchase volume in the Philippines up 47% as it posed a 46% rise in e-commerce transactions in the Southeast and South...
14 Jul 11
More than 80% of the 150 major banks and corporate companies are studying how to harness m-payments.
14 Jul 11
Overseas remittance via Vietnam banks is up.
14 Jul 11
Ficombank inked a deal with  Remit2Vietnam in transferring remittances from overseas to Vietnam.
13 Jul 11
GFG Group enables the lender to harness China UnionPay transactions using its Cadencie platform.
6 Jul 11
As many as 50% of issued ATMs in Vietnam are unused, according to statistics from the Vietnam Bank Card Association.
1 Jul 11
Despite a successful trial, Visa and ANZ wait for technology to evolve to fully replace credit cards with mobile phone payments in Australia....
30 Jun 11
The MOU between the companies will enable them to work together towards exploring mutually beneficial solutions to innovative payment businesses...
30 Jun 11
The companies will develop payment systems for online and mobile phone transactions.
28 Jun 11
Citibank Vietnam is now a member of the Vietnam Bank Card ATM network.
27 Jun 11
BC Card will file a complaint against Visa with the Fair Trade Commission over its unfair transaction activities by end-June.
23 Jun 11
China UnionPay signed a framework agreement with Huaxia Bank to cooperate in the field of cell-phone payment.
23 Jun 11
HSBC Bank launched its high-interest online savings account to help their personal financial customers earn bigger returns on their savings....
13 Jun 11
Bangkok Bank and Ramathibodi Hospital will join forces to offer the “Rama Smart Card” to Ramathibodi Hospital staff and patients....
13 Jun 11
RHB Bank has launched the e-Dividend service through its Reflex Online Cash Management for corporate clients.
10 Jun 11
According to Duong Thu Huong, General Secretary of Vietnam Banks Association, up to 83% of number of ATM cards are being used for cash...