Banking Technology

1 Aug 11
The pact gives access to Globe subscribers to various financial transactions such as payments, account inquiries and reloading from their PSBank...
20 Jul 11
The lender wants to be in the forefront of innovation in banking ease by using more intuitive and user-friendly tablets.  With...
1 Jul 11
Under the agreement, MasterCard’s e-commerce platform will now accept China UnionPay Cards.
27 Jun 11
The lender is to set up five fully automated branches in Tamil Nadu to address the growing need for electronic banking.
20 Jun 11
The problem was fixed it had been happening for days as NetBank site suffers "intermittent issues." Hundreds of Commonwealth...
17 Jun 11
The average ratio of non-performing loans of the 17 listed banks reduced from 1.58% at the end of 2009 to 1.14% at the end of 2010, says Ernst...
9 Jun 11
The lender said companies would be left behind if they failed to grasp social media marketing, which had proved successful by its own experience...
23 May 11
Krungthai Bank rolled out an innovative Internet-based banking service under the name KTB netbank.
13 May 11
The bank offers higher interest, 0.5 percentage points more than for normal savings accounts, for minimum deposit of $331 to draw pioneer...
12 May 11
Techcombank selected Experian to provide customer credit risk, analytics and services to support its growing customer portfolio.
10 May 11
The launch of the agreement will enable acceptance of China UnionPay cards at EFTEX connected ATMs in Australia.
3 May 11
Technology is not a proper subject for businessmen to study.
3 May 11
You would have thought we’d have gotten further Ever since the East India Companies of the 17th century, business...
3 May 11
Palm Vein readers will be installed in all recycling ATMs supplied to Ziraat Bank.
29 Apr 11
The lender targets more than 500,000 users of Investment 3.0 in an effort to educate and empower Filipinos on building wealth through investments...
28 Apr 11
Gartner identified TrustSphere as one of the few highly innovative technology providers working on the mission-critical issue of protecting...
22 Apr 11
A study said they spend comparatively much lower time (less than half) on ICICI Bank while users spend maximum time on HDFC Bank and Citibank...
22 Apr 11
HSBC Bank Vietnam new Integrated Receivables Solution to their customers, making them the first in Asia Pacific to be so offered.
10 Apr 11
The Bank of Japan will inspect whether commercial banks have sufficient risk-management systems and respond appropriately amid computer-system...
10 Apr 11
The 14th Banking Viet Nam Conference and Exhibition will discuss measures to maximise information technology, diversify banking products and...
5 Apr 11
Limited credit information on borrowers is a key risk facing Chinese banks.
1 Apr 11
The proliferation of mobile devices and the growth in online tools and networks has been well documented, and the financial services industry has...
31 Mar 11
Fundtech Ltd., a market leader in global banking solutions, announced the results of a survey on mobile corporate banking.
30 Mar 11
They will launch a software suite which will provide a selection of standard software that is required in the Financial Self Service Area.
29 Mar 11
Net income rose 24.25 per cent to US$80.14 million, according to GRG Banking Equipment.
29 Mar 11
The service allows customers to locate the nearest branch of Alliance bank through the computer or through mobile phones.
28 Mar 11
It is the only dedicated ATM conference in China-the world’s fastest growing ATM market.
28 Mar 11
97% of those said they would continue to pay bills online over the next six months.
25 Mar 11
Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank tapped Tata Consulting Services' core banking solution, Bancs.
23 Mar 11
The lender taps potential in its fixed deposit products as their Hong Kong customers continue to explore better returns from long term placement...
4 Mar 11
What a year 2010 has been, and for very different reasons for different parts of the global landscape.
1 Mar 11
The popularity of the app has grown significantly as it constitutes about 20% of logons via mobile devices.
22 Feb 11
The initiative aims to cover more than 50% of the population who does not have bank accounts.
22 Feb 11
The lender eyes 10% customer base boost as it set to launch 34 new branches befor the year-end.
12 Jan 11
An increase in spending on technology is expected over the next five years to hit US$132 billion, according to Ovum.
10 Jan 11
The current interest rate environment in many parts of Asia has been forcing the transaction banks to explore way to accelerate growth of their...
23 Dec 10
The lender, however, has disabled the ability to add new payees directly from the application.
10 Dec 10
33 Consul-generals and counselors visited GRG Banking industrial park on the morning of December 9, 2010 to see the product demonstrations.
8 Dec 10
Located in the GRG industry park, Guangzhou, China, Joint Development Laboratory was unveiled by GRG Banking and Microsoft.
8 Dec 10
A 54% increase in the confirmed total revenue came in from BOC in 2010.