10 Nov 20
Incentives will drive renewed interest from automakers.
31 Aug 20
The government is seeking to transform Bangkok into a regional railway hub.
16 Jul 20
It is said to have almost fully recovered its high transaction volume pre-lockdown.
9 Jul 20
The region fell behind the average global HNWI growth rate despite robust market performance.
2 Jul 20
Technology is the top investment priority by most of the respondents.
29 Jun 20
Long term Govt. incentive is required to retain this growth.
25 Jun 20
The market’s imports and exports are expected to remain in the red.
24 Jun 20
Goods exports and imports in April went down by 3.3% and 17%, respectively.
24 Jun 20
Weak domestic and global demand may force factories to suspend operations.
11 Jun 20
This is due to the uptick of investment activity in real estate and infrastructure.
3 Jun 20
Easing of measures helped businesses to restart operations.
1 Jun 20
The property sector is starting to show more activity as sales recover.
21 May 20
This comes as companies struggle to monitor third-party risks during the pandemic.
21 May 20
Singapore and Indonesia dominated the VC fundraising market.
19 May 20
Economy activity is expected to suffer despite restrictions being lifted in prefectures.
19 May 20
This comes as exports, public consumption, and investment dragged on growth.
8 May 20
The contraction was due to the Taal volcano eruption and lockdowns brought by the pandemic.
8 May 20
The increase in exports is led by Japan, Australia, and Taiwan.
21 Apr 20
Jobs lost to COVID-19 could be slow to win back.
26 Jan 12
Drastic easing of policies foreseen in 2H12 as China tries to stop a housing meltdown.
24 Jan 12
Why the glum forecast from Fitch when a demand boom is imminent in 2012?
24 Jan 12
Share of loans restructered could ballon to 8% in the coming year, warns Fitch.
23 Jan 12
The Sensex will grow 14% but there are gaping risks for stock pickers, says Morgan Stanley.
20 Jan 12
Economist says ongoing slowdown of investment and exports implies more headwinds to growth.
20 Jan 12
Consumption and investment will reignite the cooling economies, respectively.
19 Jan 12
Rate cuts are likely as early as in the first half of the year, says an economist.
19 Jan 12
Another quarter of weak sales foreseen after six months of hardship with recovery likely to start only by 2Q12.
18 Jan 12
But will it reach abysmal single-digit growth in 2012?
17 Jan 12
Even residential developers like Yanlord are padding their office and retail portfolios, says Colliers.
16 Jan 12
Trailing inflation risks, according to Morgan Stanley, are constraining the willingness of policy makers to act in a pre-emptive fashion.
16 Jan 12
Threat of lower profits may cause a liquidity scare, warns Fitch.
13 Jan 12
BI is expected to lower rates further, but an economist believes this will eventually necessitate a policy reversal.
13 Jan 12
Expected rise in trade and investment have not yet materialized, says DBS.
12 Jan 12
The burgeoning scale of festivities may have caused seasonal distortions.
11 Jan 12
Consumption spending in India has now slowed to a trickle.
11 Jan 12
Onslaught of corporate insolvencies also predicted by Euler Hermes.
11 Jan 12
HSBC sees a prolonged drag as external demand continues its precipitous slide.
10 Jan 12
Money supply growth is on the rebound and further easing measures are still in the pipeline.
10 Jan 12
December exports expanded only 0.6% yoy from an already slow 1.3 growth in November.
9 Jan 12
As the country’s export growth is expected to plummet to 10% in 2012, a mere half of its growth in 2011.